Mar 21, 2015

Highway Dodger 2 update v1.0.1

Its been a few weeks and I've completed the first update to Highway Dodger 2!


  • New obstacle - Fog
  • New soundtrack
  • Added fancy new animations and updated some graphics
  • Updated text
  • More enemy cars
  • Improved balance of the game
  • A lot of minor bugfixes and tweaks

I have tweaked the game and added some new features, animations and a short how-to play. Some of the animations look really cool, at least for me :D so here they are:

Feb 23, 2015

Highway Dodger 2 is out now!

A complete redesign and rewrite of the original Highway Dodger, with new cars to collect, new powerups and completely revamped gameplay, is here!

How to play:
- Touch or swype on a lane to dodge cars and other obstacles, thats it!

But beware, the speed of cars constantly increases, making it harder to survive with every second that passes by.

Screenshots: (click to enlarge)

Game Features:
  • Neverending simple and fun gameplay
  • Pickup coins, boxes and stars on the road
  • Collect tons of cars with different powerups
  • Daily rewards for loyal players
  • Pixelart graphics
  • Completely free with NO in-app purchases

Feb 20, 2015

Can you drive in the wrong way on a highway? Yes? Try this game out!

Highway Dodger is a fresh fast-paced game, where you have to dodge all cars that rush in your way.
Difficulty in the game increases as you play, making the challenge harder with every car that passes by.
The shop features tons of cars to unlock with coins or by completing achievements.

Can you beat your and your friends high scores? Can you collect all of the cars? Try it out!

Game features:
  • The game never stops, survive for as long as you can!
  • Extremely easy to pick up, but really hard to master
  • Tons of cars to collect
  • FREE
  • No real money purchases